Today I play a Hohner Professional model SG Lion guitar, through a Korg Pandora digital guitar effect processor. The Pandora is sized like a package of cigarettes and despite that, the distortion effects sounds really great (even in headphones). This means that I can practice without an amplifier and without disturbing my surroundings.

I also have a midi sound modul, with built in sequencer, namely a Roland PMA-5. It can be mixed into the Pandora and thereby I can reherce with backing band, and still do it in headphones. The mixed output signal can of course also be sent to the inputs of PC-speakers or the stereo, when others want to listen by.

The fact that my 'effectpedals' and my midiplayer both are pocket sized, inspired me to build a Rock jacket: A black leather jacket with built in amplifier, speakers and battery. Crazy perhaps, but it is fun to walk around with no wires at all and play rock (with backing band).

Besides guitar heroes I like music that swings, is funky or has energy and humor.

Example names I listen to: Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Extreme, Van Halen, Mothers Finest, The Sweet, Commitments, Blues Brothers, James Brown, De Fem, Poul Haldberg, King Diamond, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Winther.


Roland DK page about PMA-5: Pocket sized sequencer- and sound module Page about this pocketsized guitar effect processor