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Example of folder structure

The Workflow

JSPhotoblog.html must be placed in the folder where you keep your photos.

Your photos must be organized in a subfolder per event that you wish to publish as a webpage.

In each folder you must create thumbnails or miniatures in a subfolder called "minis". Many free imaging programs can do that. I personally use Irfanview.

Then you are ready to start.

The basic workflow is:

Tip: The objects in the Minis folder controls the JSPhotoBlog editor. Therefore you can upload all your photos as a backup, without publishing on your album page, by deleting (or not generating) miniatures.

Partial screenshot

Main screen

To the right you see the navigation buttons.

The overview button will show your page downscaled to 50%. Click the image to see the downscale example.

The show button will open your page in a new window, and show what your visitors will see.

Pictures and text fields

Editor screen

The editor page will show you all your miniatures with text fields for typing your texts per picture plus a page header and a page description.

At the buttom you will find a Columns field and a Save button.
The number of columns you choose controls the layout of the webpage you create. Value Zero is the layout suitable for lots of text, where values 1 to 9 split the webpage in columns and puts the description under each picture.

Publishing to the web

To publish on the webserver, you use your favorite ftp-program or upload script, and copy the eventfolder and all its contents